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Silvertech Cotspin is a highly dynamic organization manufacturing 100% Cotton, spun, gray, single yarn with a deep understanding of global textile industry. Set up in Western India, we are a 100% Export Oriented Unit catering to most quality conscious knitted and woven fabric manufacturers and approved vendors of leading apparel brands across various continents.

Our Vision is to provide world-class quality yarn at a competitive price to cater to the domestic as well as international markets also to build and maintain long-term relationship with customers by offering Best services. Silvertech Cotspin Pvt Ltd is committed to operate a business by developing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting quality yarn products for the world textile industry.


  • world-class quality yarn
  • Best services
  • long-term relationship


  • 100% Cotton Carded Yarn for Knitting and Weaving.
  • 100% Cotton Combed Yarn for Knitting and Weaving.
  • 100% Cotton Compact Yarn for Knitting and Weaving.
Ranges : NE 20s to NE 50s

Better Cotton Initiative

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) aims to promote measurable improvements in the key environmental and social impacts of cotton cultivation worldwide to make it more sustainable (economically, environmentally and socially) BCI endeavors to initiate global change in mass market, with long term benefits for the environment, farmers, and other people dependent on cotton for their hood.

BMP Cotton Yarn

BMP Cotton Yarn which are made from the best quality ginned cotton that is available in the market. Better the processing technology and longer fiber length, the finer cotton yarn quality. As regards the quality parameters of our yarns, the same lie between 5-10% Uster standards.

Cleaner Cotton Yarn

Cleaner Cotton Yarn is suited for all grades of yarns including 1/30's and finer. It is grown from non-genetically modified seed, and significantly reduces chemical use in cotton production. SCP introduces conventional growers to biological systems, and once they see how it works, they often use these practices in managing their other crops, in addition to their cotton.



The A11 Unifloc RIETER compact concept realizes high performance with minimum space requirement. Thus, it is possible to reach production capacities of 1,200 kg/h or 2,000 kg/h with only one line. Blow Room contain of two line both line include of B12 Uniclean, A79 Unistore, B72 UNimix And Loptex.


The greater the distance of the fibers on the cylinder, the better the carding quality. With a carding range of more than 1.5 meters, only RIETER cards offer optimal quality. It is precisely this carding section that - in addition to the ideal number of flats - also ensures a sufficient number of carding segments and cleaning units.


The CLEANcoil coiler ensures controlled sliver deposit and reduces cleaning effort, even with man-made fibres and their blends. Large-format cans 1 000 mm in diameter significantly reduce the number of sliver piecings and thus result in fewer quality outliers.


The very good lap quality is based on good fiber orientation and batt structure, uniform batt weight and homogeneous lap build-up. The high quality is achieved at a constant winding speed of 180 m/min, regardless of staple length and lap diameter. The quality of the lap produced with OMEGAlap is subsequently also reflected in exceptional yarn quality. Imperfections, yarn regularity and the tensile properties of the resulting yarn are of the highest standard.


Significantly better yarn quality with the same noil extraction is achieved by the E 80 comber compared to other systems. High yarn quality is achieved at very high nip rates and the highest possible batt weight. This applies to imperfections and tenacity/elongation as well as seldom-occurring yarn faults. Gentle, controlled fiber treatment is achieved by optimal coordination of comb movements CAPDQ and the largest combing area developed by Rieter.


Excellent scanning precision and auto leveling dynamics stand for outstanding sliver regularity - from start to finish. Superior Classimat values in the yarn are achieved due to efficient drafting systems extraction with lifting cleaning lips. A unique sliver sensor guarantees precise sliver coiling of the highest quality from the first metre and ensures that cans are completely emptied in the downstream process.


Attenuation of drawn sliver to form roving of required count by drafting. Insert small amount of twist to give required strength to roving. Wind the twisted roving onto the bobbin. Build the roving in full length of bobbin in such a form which will facilate handling, transfer and feeding to ring frame.


Com4®compact yarns display very low hairiness. This positively affects the pilling resistance of the end product. The new universal compacting unit and the adjustable compacting pressure ensure a rapid adjustment to the yarn properties required by the market. The mill-proven Ri-Q-Draft drafting arrangement with pneumatically loaded guide arm and the Ri-Q-Bridge for superior spinning conditions form a solid basis for a high and constant yarn quality.


High Quality
High Productivity
Energy Reduction
Easy Operation




Quality Control

In our Ginning, Cotton is used to spin cotton into yarn-the better the processing technology and longer fibre length, the finer cotton yarn quality. This is why we insist that the spinning mills that we collaborate with always utilize the most advanced and international spinning technology with an average age of 12 months only for perfect quality definition, which in turn determines quality of fabric, yarn is tested for the parameters like Yarn Twist, Linear Density, Yarn Strength, Yarn Elongation, Yarn Evenness, Yarn Hairiness. Testing is carried out at every stage of sourcing of raw material, production and packaging according to the most authoritative standards. Our cotton yarn is manufactured and tested as per a stringent benchmark and ensures the buyers of a completely reliable standard, lot after lot.accusantium.


Quality Assurance

Yarn evenness tester USTER mark UT5 S 400

Computerized Count & CSP measurement system
(CASCADE APPLIED Automation System)

Cotton Contamination of Looptex Italy make


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